Straddle the line in discord and rhyme

Sitting still is not exactly a workout. Crafting fiction is a bit of a mental workout; is that why it makes me so hungry? As soon as I set a word count goal or come up with what I believe to be an intriguing twist, all I can think about is what I am going to eat next!

I type rapidly but unfortunately, I don’t think my fingers are burning many calories. Most of the jobs I’ve held in my life involved some amount of typing and while I looked forward to lunch, it wasn’t my prime focus. I played piano for years but don’t recall that making my stomach grumble. It’s not my fingers. Sitting down to write however, entails taking a mental tour of the contents of my refrigerator and deciding which items I can eat whilst on the computer. I doubt this phenomenon was the origin of the term “starving artist” but my brain seems to believe otherwise!

I took a look just to see, assuming it couldn’t just be me! (It isn’t). Cool. While composing this post, I ate a sandwich and learned something new. I’ve yet to finish editing the chapter I sat down to work on. (Perhaps the conversation I am editing should not be taking place at the dinner table!)