Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

I am moving, virtually! I’m trying this site on for size; we’ll see if it fits! This is a bit like buying a new house. As I set up this new space, much of my writing style (furniture) will be the same as in the old site but I have more room to arrange things differently.

My original blog bears my childhood nickname. It was as much about parenting young children as it was about learning to craft fiction. The first blog needs renovations and updates which are a bit overwhelming. I haven’t sold the house and I’m sure I’ll move a few elements into this new space.

Meanwhile, those young children have grown as has my perspective and my writing. I’m exploring more styles and places to write. It is time for a more mature space bearing my grown-up name!

This site is a true work-in-progress! I am painting the walls and arranging the furniture. As I settle in, I’ll figure out where to hang the photos and have a virtual house-warming party!

I am looking forward to meeting my new neighbors! Feel free to say hi!

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